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I have had my eye on these gray boots by Frye for quite some time now.

Unfortunately, the price tag made these a no-go. I do believe in saving up and splurging in order to buy nice things that you truly love, but I just can’t justify spending almost $300 on a pair of boots- with three young kids and one big dog to chase after, I’m pretty hard on my shoes!

Today I found these lovelies via Target’s website.

A bit different, but I still really like them, and they won’t empty my wallet! The heel is a bit higher than that of the Frye boots, and there’s an added seam, but I think I kind of like that- straight, vertical lines tend to lengthen, and that’s always a plus where legs are involved!

I can’t wait until they arrive- they’re going to look great with my fave chunky sweater and leggings!


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A cute little DIY needle book.

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One Men’s Dress Shirt = Tons of Adorable Outfits!

Take any men’s dress shirt you like and style it multiple ways for lots of outfit choices!

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Sweet DIY recycled grocery totes!Tutorial here.

Sweet DIY recycled grocery totes!
Tutorial here.

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Adorable DIY nesting doll ornaments!  Tutorial here.

Adorable DIY nesting doll ornaments! Tutorial here.

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Small Changes, Big Difference!

I recently redid my half bathroom.

I swapped out the mirror and sink (the originals were badly damaged when the mirror fell… ghosties?), added a shelf and some accessories, and painted the walls a shade of blue gray:

And the before:

Boring and ugly!

I realize it’s nothing crazy fabulous but still a big improvement, I think! Best of all, it was pretty cheap to do- I probably spent around $200 on the entire project.

Sink and mirror: Home Depot.
Wall color: Verdigris by Behr- so much prettier in person!
"Art": Prints via Vintage Printable.
Shelf: Target.
Ring dish: Target, from their Shabby Chic line.
Vase and orchids: The centerpiece from my table at my cousin’s wedding reception, ha! She actually made these- so pretty!
Soap pump: KMart.

So there you have it… my cheap but sweet bathroom redo!


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Pink and gray.  One of my favorite color combinations!

Pink and gray. One of my favorite color combinations!

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Simple Gifts of Kindness

Here are some sweet ways to pay it forward this holiday season!

  • Handy with photography and editing? Offer to snap and email free holiday portraits for friends and neighbors. Studio portraits can be pretty costly (and let’s be real, they don’t even turn out all that nicely half of the time!) Kids, pets, couples… whoever and whatever… it’s lots of fun and it’s a really great way to share your talents with others.

  • Go caroling at your local children’s hospital or nursing home! Why not brighten things up for someone who could use an extra dose of cheer? Just be sure to ask permission from management before you go- because getting arrested while attempting a good deed would kind of suck.

  • Can you knit or crochet? Make and donate a few warm scarves, mittens, socks, blankets, whatever you’re up to making to your local homeless shelter. Sure, a cozy, handmade accessory isn’t going to change someone’s life- but it just might warm them up and brighten their day a little. Not sure where to go? Contact your local police department via their non-emergency line and ask.

  • Volunteer to wrap gifts for an elderly neighbor, or to take them holiday shopping. Sometimes all the hustle and bustle of the season can be overwhelming, and a second pair of hands can be a real blessing for someone who could use the extra help.

  • Animal shelters can always use donations, and many of their most critical staples are items you can pick up for pretty cheap. Here is a great list from Apartment Therapy (love that site!) of items that animal shelters commonly use. Be sure to give your local shelter a call before dropping off items, but most are more than grateful for donations.

    I hope you find the above list inspiring. Now go do something nice for someone!


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    Hi and welcome! I’ve started this page as a creative outlet where I can share the things that I adore- my family life, cooking, sewing, and home decor, to name just a few. I truly enjoy discovering new things, and I love to help others learn- so here’s hoping that this blog will be a success in that respect! Please stay tuned!


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